Will Green power work for me?

Yes. How well depends on how much roof space is available that is shadow-free and/or what wind speeds are possible. We will do a free assessment and work out the best solution for you.

Will I need to make changes to the equipment or wiring?

No. We will provide you the exact same AC current that you now get in your home. There is no need to make any changes to equipment or wiring. The changes you will see is a better quality of power without fluctuations, and lower power bills.

What size Solar/Hybrid system do I need?

This depends on your power consumption, and the amount of space you have. We will give you a firm number after we do an assessment of your building.

What maintenance is needed?

We take care of all maintenance including monitoring generation and cleaning, as well as inspection on a regular basis to ensure that no trees or over-growth cause shade or block the wind speed.

Do I need battery backup?

No. We provide grid-connected systems so any additional load can be drawn from the Power Grid. This also ensures that on the occasional cloudy day you are unaffected by any drops in Power Generation. 

What kind of Power Purchase should I commit to?

We will provide and install all of the power equipment that you need to generate Green power for you. All you will need to commit to in the form of a Power Partnership Agreement (PPA), is to purchase the power generated by us, on a monthly basis at 10% below your prevalent rates.

How will the installation be done?

We fix the equipment to your roof, or in-case your roof is already in use, we design structures that fit over your roof, such that you can continue to use the roof as you have before. The aim, as much as possible is to utilize as much as your shade-free roof as possible to cover your power needs to the maximum possible extent.

What if I sell the building?

The understanding for Power Partnership is always with the Building owner. So, you can just transfer the Power Partnership Agreement to the new owner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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